Today, the concept of “job for the entire life” is a phrase that was forgotten by the workers of actual generations. The labor mobility is a constant in the world of the companies and workers, in this way; the most polite way leaving the job is to present a resignation letter, this type of letter is used most frequently in these situations.

The reason for resigning can be many but the way to express these reasons in a letter will express courtesy and gratitude to your work center. However, the last letter that you write to your work, have to contain important points:

How to Write a Resignation Letter with Sample Resignation Letter
How to Write a Resignation Letter with Sample Resignation Letter

What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter may be a formal document during which the author makes his/her official resignation from an edge or office. It is usually handled by a direct supervisor.


Not necessarily. Whenever you’re resigning due to drag at the corporate it’s better to not include it within the letter; just in case you are feeling like talking about it then do it in private. It is very acceptable to incorporate your reasons within the letter once they are positive ones (a better opportunity, a crucial trip, etc.) but not mandatory.

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

The final objective of a resignation letter is to describe the reasons in a short and concise form; here we have some advice to write a letter:

  • In the first part of any resignation letter is recommendable write a paragraph of gratitude to the company, the department and the boss who allowed your professional develop working in his area.
  • You have to explain the mention of resigning and the motives to take this decision,
  • for example a change of residence to another city, you just received a job offer with a better wage, among others.
  • The anticipation is other primordial factor at the time of writing the resignation letter; communicate the date of cessation of labor is important. Is necessary to send the resignation letter with this information three or four weeks before the date of cessation.

It is recommendable to keep contact with your former boss and old co workers when you will be in a new work, too

because they can help you at the time of write a letter of recommendation for application to future jobs and face of better form job interviews.

Why should I Always Hand during a Resignation Letter?

First of all: Keep good relations with the employer and organization you have been working with, in order to keep certain benefits intact (letters of recommendation, references, etc.).

Even though an oral resignation could also be acceptable in some instances, a resignation letter are often filed by both the employer and therefore the employee and be used for legal reasons if is required.

Resignation letters also are important because the worker can use them to anticipate the date when he/she is certainly leaving the position, thus, giving the employer the time to seek out an appropriate replacement.


Resignation Letter No.1

Souza Compd, Kherani Road, Saki Naka
Mumbai, 400072
Maharashtra India

Dear Sir/Madam Name:

Hereby, I inform my decision to terminate the employment relationship that I have with the company since June 2015.

This decision response to strictly professional reasons, I hope and wish that you could comprehend and lead me to develop my career in another business sector.

I inform you that according to the limit established by law, the next 12 September 2020, will be my last day in the company.

Similarly, I want to thank the professional opportunity that you gave me at the time, and the good working environment and human that that have been characteristics of the company during these years.

Mohit Roa
Graphic designer


Souza Compd, Kherani Road, Saki Naka
Mumbai, 400072
Maharashtra India

Dear Sir Jay Bhushan,

Thank you for the trust of gives me the post of Head of Informatics Industries Bombay.

As I informed you at the last interview with you, last month, I was taking part in other selection processes. Unfortunately last week I accepted the offer that made to me Editorial Aragon and on Monday I made my debut as Head of Computing. The post that you offer me is interesting and its retribution. However, it’s a shame that I’ve already committed, because of having reached its bid a few days before, at this time would I be a member of Noriega Industries. Anyway, do not rule out the possibility of return you to offer my candidacy in the future.

I reiterate my appreciation for all his attentions during the selection process, and that gives me satisfaction to have received a firm offer on your part.

Sincerely your

Devaki  Parkar
Computer Engineer

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