In this post, we are going to discuss How can I be successful in lunch Interview?. For many people, interviews could result in frightening and even a headache. Even so, recruiters thought about making the interview experience more difficult. That is why they want to mix it with a pleasant meal. It involves combining different facts such as listening to the interviewer while you are trying to show confidence and to give assertive responses, you will also need to pay special attention to how you ingest food. That is the main concept of having a lunch interview.

This kind of interview could be during lunch in the afternoon or during dinner at night. The way of recruiting people during a meal has been increasing lately. We will mention some of the important aspects to consider for a lunch interview.

How can I be successful in lunch Interview?

Show good table manners

You should consider applying all the table manners’ knowledge that you learned when you were a child because it will be useful for the interview. Now, you probably have forgotten most of the table manners or acquired bad manners of your environment. It could happen with people that live in an informal setting and they were not being corrected when it was necessary. However, you should avoid bad habits on the table and even more in front of the interviewer.

Here we have a small list of habits that you should show during a lunch interview:

  • Consider taking care of some bad habits like talking with a big portion of food on your mouth because it gives a bad impression. As well as putting your elbows on the table or chewing with your mouth open.
  • Be respectful, while you are answering some questions. Be polite using some expressions like “thank you” and “please”. Also, don’t forget to be courteous with waiters. All the time, the interviewer will be evaluating your personality.
  • Should you think you are confused about table manners, seek expert help. You could find different books related to “table manners”, do research about etiquette because that could be helpful for your interview.

Choose an appropriate dish

Most probably, you are accustomed to having a great meal; however, you will not feel free to choose a dish that you like. For an interview, you should show formality during having a meal.

There are no specific rules to select some food. Nevertheless, you could take these tips:

  • Do not choose smelly food. Avoid being remembered as the candidate with bad breath and stay away from garlic and onions.
  • Also, avoid crunchy food because it makes noise and your interviewer could not listen to you clearly.
  • Have a look at the interviewer because you could order the same number of courses and cost range to have an idea of what to order.

Ingest food and talk

Sometimes it could be difficult to talk and eat at the same time especially during an interview. Challenge yourself to do both properly.

You should try to follow the next advices:

  • Try not to feel the pressure of just talking and have not eaten anything. Your dish should not look like the beginning because it could mean that you are getting nervous.
  • During an interview, it is important to have questions in mind. So, when you have a lunch interview you will be able to ask questions about the company to the interviewer. It will also benefit you because while you are eating the interviewer is answering your questions.
How can I be successful in launch Interview?

It is a little different than a standard interview. Not only you should end a meal interview with a handshake on, but also, you will need to consider the following aspects.

  • Don’t worry about the bill because you don´t need to pay for any. The interviewer is the most indicated person to pay the bill. So, don´t worry about that.
  • Put special emphasis on your interviewer and tell her or him about why you want to work for them.
  • It is recommendable that you shake hands firmly but not sharply and it should be accompanied by a “thank you”. In addition, you should be grateful to the interviewer for meeting with you and for having time for the interview. Also, be kind and say that you enjoyed the meal and the company.
  • Then, you could terminate the interview with a handshake. Also, in the morning it is important to monitor a thank you letter. A lunch interview could result in complicated. You need to be self-confident and be positive. The tips and guidance that we provide you will be useful for you in this kind of interview.

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