In this post, we are going to discuss Top 13 Tips For Successful Face To Face Job Interview. The face-to-face interview is the most common interview one should ace to get a new job or a promotion. This generally includes two people the employer and the job seeker and this will be one of your most important opportunities to make a powerful impression. Because the first 5 minutes are quite important. Key terms you must consider carefully at the moment of your preparation are Appearance, handshake, presence, eye contact, personality, voice, manners.

That’s why interviewers look to select people who will be a good reflection upon themselves, and of course, the person must fulfill the personal and professional requirements of the company.

Preparation for an interview should be a serious matter; in fact, for a face-to-face interview, it’s important for the two parts to be prepared. The interviewer won’t simply ask only some questions, he/she will analyze the interviewee’s professional background and education and the most important aspect, his/her personality. To achieve a successful interview there’re necessary the right questions with the right answers and other aspects.

Tips for a face-to-face interview

Before the interview

Research about the company information and find interesting things for the interview; it must include knowing the competitors, products, financial position and goals. The more information you have will impress the interviewer.

Find out the name and title of the person you’ll talk to, you can use social networks, professional networks (Linked). Make lists with questions and possible answers you can give. In order to study them and have a clear idea during the interview; you’ll find some questions to practice below.

Prepare a short presentation of yourself with relevant information about your studies, experience, and skills or potential value for the company.

Be careful about: Dress code, you must dress for success, formally or more casually according to industry. The way you present is pretty related to the way they’ll treat you. It’s not time to bathe in cologne or go too far from the standard business suit, but your shoes must shine. Men should wear a conservative suit and tie and dark shoes while women should wear a skirted suit, clothing feminine not sexy. Personal Hygiene it’s also important, hair cut, facial hair trimmed, fingernails clean; be careful with the perfume because some people are allergic.

Take enough time to arrive early to the interview, the people that will interview you are doing you a favor so you should show respect to them. If you arrive 15 minutes early it would be perfect and you can take the opportunity to be courteous to the staff and cause a good impression on them.

Prepare a resume even if the employer will have one, add as many professional references as possible, and remember not to fold it.

Prepare some business cards with your information, pretend to be organized and have a pen and a notepad with you, be prepared.

During the interview

  • Remember that the first impression is crucial to approach the employer with confidence, shake hands firmly, smile him/her, and make direct eye contact.
  • Say the name of the person clearly and introduce yourself, like: “Good morning, Mr. Bing. I’m ….” (Make sure you say the name correctly) Keep a high energy level during the interview.
  • When it’s appropriate (Usually when the interviewer asks you so say something about you) you can take the opportunity to give a little introduction of you with short statements but trying to highlight your skills and potential to the company.
  • Try to not give theory answers, try to remember cases and experiences in the real world that will emphasize your experience and be careful to not be too extensive.
  • Be polite, positive and demonstrate interest always and at the end thank the interviewer for the time.
  • Don’t forget to say good-bye to all people you did could know in the company.
Top 13 Tips For Successful Face To Face Job Interview

After the interview

  • Try to remember what happened in the interview and write it on paper. Including some of the situations that give you troubles and those in which you went well.
  • Write some Thank you letters to the people who were in the interview, and tell them your appreciation for their facilities and opportunity. You can also emphasize some important experiences during the interview.
  • Even you pass or not the interview; don’t burn the connection, depending on the interviewer you can add that person to your contact network.

Top 13 Tips For Successful Face To Face Job Interview

  • The introduction to the interview will be crucial in order to have a good one. If you’re from a different culture try to learn the greeting according to the local custom.
  • If you want the candidate cooperation to try to keep a relaxed atmosphere; you can explain why it’s necessary to have an interview.
  • Read body language from the very moment you meet the candidate and pay attention to his/her manners.
  • You must show respect also by wearing the right clothes.
  • Questions should be general and technical.
  • Encourage the candidate to support his/her answers with examples of previous achievements.
  • Follow your intuition.
  • In some cases candidates don’t have much professional experience, then you can emphasize in school accomplishments.
  • Questions must be related to the information you need to know for the job and make feel the candidate comfortable.
  • To respond or react to candidate answers; you must conserve a uniform and polite interest in order to not distract the job seeker in the following questions.

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