Software testing is a process that can be done at any part of the software development; it is used to find all kinds of malfunctions, errors or bugs. You can review the code, you can run the application and see what happens, you can review the documentation or any other thing, the objective is to be sure that the software runs properly and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Here you will find a compilation with Software testing interview questions, so if you are an applicant for a related job or an interviewer, you will surely find this information useful. Software testing interview questions

Software testing interview questions and answers

What is the difference between performance testing, stress testing, and load testing?

  • Performance testing: A Performance testing is basically a test that evaluates the performance of the software under some parameters, for example, the hardware used, how components work, resource usage and more.
  • Stress testing: This is also known as fatigue test, the goal is to break the system down by excessive jobs and be sure that after failing the system keeps safe the sensitive data.
  • Load testing: It is used to see how the system works when it has to do a really huge job do the process, it is useful to see how the software handles important things such as buffer overflow.

What is the function of designing tests?

It helps prevent the insertion of errors from a very early software life cycle.

What determines the level of risk?

The impact that an event has and the likelihood it has.

Differences between testing tools and testing techniques.

Testing tools Is the vehicle to apply knowledge and test if the software is working correctly.

Testing Techniques: Is a range of knowledge that helps us to see if the software works properly.

Why do you think is risk analysis done in relation to Software Testing?

Because it will be really difficult to analyze entirely a very big software, so to make this possible, you can analyze the process, find out the riskiest and focus on them.

What was the most challenging experience you had during software testing?

This question is popular, but the answer depends on your experience, so before going to the interview make sure you have the answer for it.

Explain the difference between re-testing and regression testing.

Re-testing is used to check if the past failure is corrected.

Regression testing is used to check unexpected side effects.

Explain what failure is.

Software failure is the deviation of specific behavior, the deviation between the expected result and the current one.

What are Test comparators?

During a software test, you provide some inputs and you get results, so test comparators are the elements that should come out and the elements that actually come out.

What is beta testing?

It is testing done by customers. Beta-software is released, customers use it and report errors or malfunctions.

What is a bug?

It is an error that makes the software performs in an unanticipated way.

What does CAST mean?

It means Computer-Aided Software Testing.

What is compatibility testing?

It is a test to check the compatibility of the software with elements that is supposed to interact with,

for example operating systems, hardware or browsers.

What is debugging?

Debugging is the process that finds and removes the cause of software failures.

What’s a depth testing?

It is testing a product in full detail.

Explain functional and non-functional testing.

  • Functional: Functional testing verifies a specific portion of code, reviews the functions or actions.
  • Non-Functional: Tests aspects of the software that have nothing to do with any specific function, for example, performance or scalability.
Software Testing Interview Questions

Explain verification and validation.

Sometimes the explanation comes from the experience or standards, here you will some explanations:

  • Verification: Review if the software implements all of the requirements. (Have we built the software right?) According to the IEEE: “Verification is the process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the products of a given development phase satisfy the conditions imposed at the start of that phase.”
  • Validation: Review if the software satisfies the customer. (Have we built the right software?)
  • According to the IEEE: “Validation is the process of evaluating a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements.”

What is recovery testing?

It is a test that checks if the software recovers without losing data and functionality after expected or unexpected events.

Software testing interview questions could be very tricky, and they just try to prove your abilities and knowledge about different techniques on testing software, and overall, your criteria.

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