How To Face Online Interview / Skype Interview Tips. Types of interviews to get a job have become more diversified the last years; now, we can take online interviews from anywhere, home, room even our office, without leaving the place where we are. In this sense, traditional job interviews are gradually being forgotten by big companies and these are being changed by new forms of interviews like Skype Interviews, Video Interview inter alia. Also, each form of the interview has special questions that the applicant must answer with a certain level of ability.

With globalization, more and more companies want to work with personal of different places on the continent; the executives have opened their minds in searching for new talents not only inside their own countries but also in abroad countries in order to increase the development of their companies. To do that, the internet is the best way to establish contact with applicants from different places in the world.

Tips to face an online interview

The online interview is very important by the companies and the interviewers. If you give a good first impression to the interviewer at the beginning of the interview, you can consider an early achievement for your work aspiration. This main aspect can give you a key for the next interviews in the process of personnel selection. In this way, we note some tips to face in a better form of the online interview.

  • Choose adequately the place where you will face the interview, your room, your hall inter alia. These places have good illumination and ventilation to be comfortable.
  • Another important characteristic of the place is quiet and silence. If you have pets, children or noisy roommates, you have to get rid of them at least for a moment; you can leave the pet or child to care for a relative.
  • Clean well these areas or places, all things, and objects that are behind you should be ordered and cleaned, because these things will appear on the screen at the moment of an online interview. We want the interviewer to know that we are neat and clean.
  • The formal dress is important, the webcam will focus on your upper body, however, anybody never know when you will have to stand up, for this reason, it is important to wear formal trousers and shoes clean, too.
  • During the online interview, maybe you will have to take notes. Have paper and pencils close at hand is necessary.
  • Have a copy of your resume close at hand will help you to order your explanations of your skills.
  • Previously Practice; to avoid technical problems, video, and sound, during the process of an online interview.
  • During the interview, you have to pay attention to the interviewer looking at the webcam all the time; you can look at the screen a couple of times but is a recommendable look at the webcam.

Skype Interview Tips

Nowadays, social networks are a great tool to establish family or business relationships and it is the most used implement by companies to make job interviews from one location to another. Most job interviews are made by Skype, the video social network most popular in the last years. The advantage of online interviews is the commodity and the time. Generally, these online interviews are preferred by the applicants because they can take the interview from their homes and more comfortable places; in this way, the applicants are more relaxed to face the interviews and the interviewers had more liberty to develop their interviews.

How To Face Online Interview

However, to follow some rules before of taking online interviews always are important and necessary; Have a formal nickname, for example, the real name of the applicant with the last name, is important, nicknames like “superkitty69” or “superfast” are a less point for the postulant. Other advice is to remember that you will take a job interview and not a conversation of friends, for this reason, you should dress formally, the fact of feeling comfortable in the home is not an impediment to dress adequately.

Also, Keep In Mind

Also, this online interview could have some problems of video or audio, therefore is recommendable make a previous interview to review the system of audio and video of your computer.

Another important factor is the illumination; Sometimes the image of the video is dim and dark because the place where you will take the job interview has low light. To put a lamp near to the computer is advisable. The noise of the home is another important point. If you have a child or pets in the house, you can leave them with a family member or friend during the time of your online interview. Following these advises your job interview will pass in a better way.

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