In today’s post, we are talking about 30 most common interview questions asked in Job Interview, prepare this before your interview.

It’s always helpful to prepare answers for some common job interview questions. It is best to form an answer that is entirely original rather than mugging up a given set of answers. This will help in generating some interest in your answers.

A set of sample common job interview questions is given below. They can be used as a general guide to the basic types of questions recruiters and managers are taught to ask, and to think about possible answers you might give.

Why did you select the major you did in college?

 What are your prime responsibilities in your current job?

 How do you spend your average workday?

 How do you prioritize your workload?

 What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most and least?

30 most common interview questions asked in Job Interview

What problems do you encounter in your job?

 What tends to frustrate you?

 What do you find challenging?

 Why are you considering leaving your present position?

 Why did you leave your last job?

 Why were you laid off? Discharged?

 In what ways hasn’t your supervisor developed your skills?

 What types of things did you and your supervisor disagree and agree on?

 How was your performance evaluated?

 How did you respond to your evaluation?

 Ideally, what would you hope to find in a job and company?

 What goals would you like to achieve in one year? Five?

 What do you think best qualifies you for this position?

 How does this job fit into your overall career objectives?

 How could you make a difference to this company?

 Making a mental preparation of how to answer these common interview questions will go a long way in you appearing confident about whatever questions that the interviewer might ask.

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