How To Face Criteria Based Job Interview. Criteria based interview or Competence-based information is formed by all the requirements that companies need such as different types of skills, manners, personal qualities, work experiences, and knowledge.

The interviewers try to get the most possible information from past behavior; they use the premise the good past behavior is going to be the good future behavior; the questions are directly based on the skills required for the job.

The most important companies are concerned about improving the interviews, a good selection of the personal will guarantee the success of the company, the structured interviews are the most trustful and accurate forms to evaluate the candidates.

A good interview will evaluate the candidates in different sceneries, between the most important competitions we have:

  • The leadership: Perhaps the most important competition.
  • Team work: Is highly necessary to achieve goals.
  • Planning: Is the base of the team work.
  • Self motivation: If you don’t like your job, you will never be successful.
  • Adaptability: All the companies require people easily adapt to a new job.
  • Pressure: The ability to work under pressure is necessary, people should improve this ability.
  • Communication: The facility of communication will be very import.
  • Organization: Related with planning.

The usual questions are formulated depending on the job and the most common are listed below:

Related with experience:

  • Do you have any work experience?
  • What training have you had?
  • Where did you work?

This is the first part of the interview; the main objective of these questions is to create a trusted environment.

Related with leadership:

  • Are you a leader?
  • Why do you consider a leader?
  • Why you don’t consider a leader?

The leadership is a big process and is the ability to direct a human group. You must consider this concept before give an answer.

Related with communication:

  • Have you ever given a public presentation about a specific theme?
  • What was the number of the people in this presentation?
  • Did you have any inconvenient in you presentation?
    The communication is an important aspect to be successful in all job fields.

Related with management:

  • What do you think about management?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • How much time do you spend searching for current information on the web?

Management of people, time and resources is very important to be leadership.

Related with teamwork:

  • Could you give me an example of teamwork?
  • If you could work in this scenery, what will be your contribution?
  • Have you ever managed a group?

The objective of these questions is to know what are going to be your answers in different sceneries.

Related with motivation:

  • In the next year, what do you imagine?
  • What are you looking for in your next role?
  • What do you hope to achieve in this company?

The questions about motivation are important to know if you have desires for self-improvement.

Other questions:

  • What languages did you study?
  • How often do you stay at home?
  • Would you have any problem, if you travel to work abroad?
  • Why did you apply for this job?

The complementary questions are to cover all the possible job fields

The majority of the interview tries to include different fields but the essentials are leadership, teamwork, management, self-motivation, creativity and technical skills related to the job. Almost all companies use a highly structured interview format.

In resume, the criteria based interview focus in obtain information about you and your performance in previous works to reinforce the professional competences.

The most required professional competences are the next: Negotiation, Communication, diplomacy, problem-solving, planning and organization, teamwork and leadership.

At the interview we recommend:

  • Be honest about your competences, this is advisable.
  • Think before you give your example. It is very important to take the necessary time to give an answer, whatever be the case.
  • Don’t be afraid if you have not understood the questions, ask the interviewers to clarify them.
  • A good way to impress the interviewers is by asking questions to be sure about the company.
  • By the way, an interview is just a step to get a job, relax, smile and show your own strengths.

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