81 Most Common Electrical Engineer Interview Questions

  1. Why we use air gap, magnetic conductors?
  2. the way to improve IR value in HT motors?
  3. Difference between isolator and circuit break?
  4. How to calculate the overcurrent rating of phase motor
  5. What is the minimum size and length of the gi earth pipe?
  6. What is the competency of electrical supervisor?
  7. How the phase induction is motor is started?
  8. How the voltage step down is done?
  9. What is ELCB?
  10. What are the components of a substation?
  11. What are air & vacuum circuit breakers?
  12. What are the different types of circuit breakers?
  13. What are insulation classes?
  14. Why there are layers of protection over armored cables?
  15. What are the armored cables?
  16. What is HT & LT Cables
  17. What happened dc series motor field winding open. Can possible.
  18. What do you understand by the mining of bts?
  19. What do you understand by the mining of dg
  20. How do we calculate the value of Voltage that we use in our home? in rms, aerage or peak value of voltage?
  21. Which relay is used for both detection & correction?
  22. The single-phase voltage is volts and three-phase is v. why three-phase is not v?
  23. How is the Voltage generated by DC Generator?
  24. Why Hz is only used in Transmission and not in Distribution?
  25. Why HVDC monopolar line is connected with negative conductors?
  26. What is the diff between neutral and earth?
  27. Write formulae for insulation resistance motor.
  28. Why is the wet surface used for grounding???
  29. How to decide whether A / B / C / D curve type MCB should be used?
  30. How are you able to get the utmost current capacity for a particular size Aluminum or Copper cable if there’s a compulsion to use?
  31. Name the instruments which run on DC?
  32. Why DC is not generated instead of AC?
  33. What is the transformer?
  34. what percentage double suspension hardware fittings are required on a double circuit transmission tower?
  35. How much single tension hardware is required on a double circuit transmission tower?
  36. Why is it that bus reactors aren’t amid a neutral grounding reactor whereas a line shunt reactor is? PGCIL does so?
  37. State the difference between rccb and elcb?
  38. What do you mean by the power factor?
  39. Why current leads the voltage in case of a capacitor load? Why voltage leads the present just in case of inductive load? Why both within introducing the case of restive load?
  40. Of what value of current the current which can safely pass by our Body?
  41. Ohm’s law is applicable to DC/AC/Both?
  42. Why underground cables are used to connect transformers?
  43. Why we use mostly -phase but not -phase and -phase what is the difference between them
  44. What are the specifications considered during design for the overcurrent relay?
  45. State the difference between hooter and an MCP?
  46. What are DC motors? State their Types?
  47. Why +v and -v gives to BTS?
  48. Which has more losses, AC or DC??
  49. What is the use of neutral earthing in transformers?
  50. The neutral&earth voltage is v.But we were connected the lighting load at the time ballast was failed.why?
  51. What are the different auxiliary protections of a transformer?
  52. State the use of tpmo switch?
  53. Why phase is used in argc furnace? What is the use of phase in converting machinery?
  54. Difference between the transmission line and cable?
  55. How to calculate GROUND FAULT CURRENT in v amp air circuit breaker?
  56. How many double suspension hardware fittings are required on a double circuit transmission tower?
  57. What do you mean by MV?
  58. What is the best course for an Electrical engineer?
  59. What is a Guard relay?
  60. Why INVERTERS are used?
  61. What is fuzzy logic?
  62. Explain fuzzification and defuzzification?
  63. What kind of surface is required for NEUTRAL GROUNDING?
  64. Why is the wave trap used in the feeder?
  65. What is the use of a wave trap?
  66. Why the blade and jaw of an isolator are damaged in substation?
  67. How do you control power in transmission lines?
  68. State the difference between counterpoise earthing and pipe earthing?
  69. Why there is an extension in the transmission tower?
  70. Why is the earth fault relay connected to the Yellow Phase?
  71. Kva how can it be calculated?
  72. What id DV?
  73. What are urchin pins?
  74. Why is the pressure coil not present in wattmeter?
  75. limitation of conductor height on the ground when we consider EMC
  76. What is the Full form of Rccb, MCCB?
  77. How can you convert kw=?Kva
  78. Why are the earthing pins kept think at the top?
  79. State the formulae for the conversion of KVA?
  80. What happens when we use earth wire as a conductor instead of neutral, Why is it not used in our day to day appliances?
  81. Where is the CT primary?
81 Most Common Electrical Engineer Interview Questions

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